our future roses

It is our intent to continually develop new collection areas for the roses. Each collection will be allocated a specific area and the following collection will be allocated a specific area and the following collections are planned for this financial year.



The Queensland State Rose Garden is honoured to be chosen as a custodian of part of the Ruston Collection. The Toowoomba Regional Council has supported the Queensland State Rose Garden in Newtown Park by contributing $230,000 to build two garden beds, install irrigation, lighting, signage and seating for this collection. Work is currently in progress with the intent to complete these gardens early 2017 for the arrival of the plants. It is our intention to plant up to 100 different varieties, including 200 plants (ie. 2 of each variety). This collection will comprise mostly Old Tea, China, Noisette, Early Hybrid Tea, Pernetiana and Polyantha roses.

Preserving these varieties is essential for the overall history of the rose and its breeding and for the long term survival, both nationally and internationally. Some varieties are unique to Australia and others have been lost to overseas collections. With the strengthening of quarantine restrictions worldwide, it may be impossible to swap bud wood/cuttings with other countries so the roses in the original collection must be saved.

Dainty Ress


Riethmuller Collection

Frank Riethmuller, an Australian Rose Breeder, was born locally in Glenvale (now a suburb of Toowoomba) in 1884. A garden bed in his remembrance has been established. Ten varieties have been propagated by a descendant of Frank Riethmuller. To our knowledge, this will be the largest collection of different Riethmuller varieties to be found in a public rose garden anywhere in the world. Titian is one of his most popular rose breeds which received a Gold Medal. The medal is housed at the Toowoomba Art Gallery.



Alister Clark Collection

This collection will complete Stage 2 of the Queensland State Rose Garden.  Members are fundraising to complete this garden before the end of this financial year. This garden will have an abundance of beautiful blooms and will be a striking feature along busy Holberton Street. It will comprise of an obelisk, timber arbour for the taller growing roses and walk through pathways.