The Queensland State Rose Garden houses a large collection of rose varieties. The rose gardens began with multiple plantings of Hybrid Tea and Floribunda roses, dedicating special colours to individual beds.

Climbing roses were then planted to grow on the swags and archways, with white standard Floribunda underneath. Pillar varieties grow through the special structures created for them.

The Heritage Rose Garden bed was planted with one hundred and eighty roses which were introduced before the year 1900, paying homage Empress Josephine who collected roses from around the world. Rose varieties consist of Bourbon, China, Polyantha, Portland, Regosa and Hybrid Perpetual.

These heritage roses have proven successful with their spectactular display in Spring which will continue to improve as they grow older.

David Austin and Hybrid Musk roses are planted around and close to Rose Cottage.

Each year the gardens have expanded and there are now approximately 2,000 roses growing in the Queensland State Rose Garden. Due to the amount of interest and so many rose enthusiasts in Toowoomba and surrounding areas, the Queensland State Rose Garden is assured to be a central place to meet, discuss and research the general performance of different rose varieties.