Our Roses- Research and Development

Trial Roses

The Queensland State Rose Garden also provides a service in the promotion and development of new roses by conducting trials for Australian breeders and for agents of overseas growers. The Toowoomba rose trials are the only trials in Australia outside of Adelaide. 

These trials require three plants of each variety to be assessed over two years.  There is a team of competent assessors who assess each plant, twelve times over the two years. The plants are scored according to specific criteria.

According to the results, some may be allocated gold, silver, bronze or highly commended medals.  This information allows commercial growers in their decision making to select varieties for propagation and distribution.  Producing new rose varieties for distribution takes around ten years.  The Queensland State Rose Garden plays an integral part in helping the rose growers in developing new varieties.

Australian Bred roses

Our 2017 plan is to establish new rose beds to house any gold medal winners from the Australian bred roses. With the permission of the grower the roses will be planted in these new beds, un-named until registered.  It is our intention that within a few years, the three new beds will hold newly developed Australian bred roses.

The blooms pictured above are samples of unnamed trial roses