Regular classes are held at the Queensland State Rose Garden for the community to attend.  These classes educate the public in correct pruning techniques and how to care for their own roses, producing the best possible plants.  Tours of the Queensland State Rose Garden are led by The Friends of the Queensland State Rose Garden in Newtown Park and education speeches held at times to promote the Trial Gardens and up-coming varieties of roses.



The Queensland State Rose Garden has been built to minimise maintenance and maximise efficiency. Each garden bed has pre-installed underground watering systems and heavily mulched above ground. A team of workers from the Toowoomba Regional Council Parks and Recreation Branch are assigned to maintain these gardens and The Friends of the Queensland State Rose Garden in Newtown Park also assist with ‘dead-heading’ and pruning of the roses.



The hall which is called ‘The Rose Cottage’ is used on a regular basis by Garden Groups, Darling Downs Rose Society, Toowoomba Bonsai Group, Toowoomba Floral Art Group and members of Queensland's State Rose Garden in Newtown Park Toowoomba.  The public also hire the hall for private functions.



A range of seating choices have been strategically placed throughout the park to maximise viewing and general enjoyment of the different varieties of roses. Open and covered seating options are available to accommodate visitors during all weather conditions. All seats are chosen to enhance the aesthetics of the Queensland State Rose Garden and promote the beauty of the roses.



Facilities to improve public convenience have recently been constructed ie. Carpark, Barbecues, Toilets and a Wedding Gazebo.  The carpark was built to enable the public easy off street access to the Queensland State Rose Garden. Future plans are to extend this area.  Public Toilets including wheelchair access were built for 24 hour convenience. The Wedding Gazebo is used by families to celebrate special occasions.  Barbecues, tables and seating are scattered throughout the Queensland State Rose Garden for community use.